Hairdressers Tutor Programs

What set’s you apart from the utubist hairdresser?

150 by 150Hairdressers Tutor was founded in 2014 to address the gap for advanced educational opportunities that exists between beauty school and manufacturer based academies. Now more than ever, today’s salon professional needs easy and affordable access to advanced education on a regular basis. Whether State mandated CEU’s require it or you are newly licensed, our programs offer the alternative to traditional advanced education.

What are you learning to increase your skill set that sets you apart?

Start by learning where your beauty school left off, and discover the guiding principles and universal language that apply to all decisions made while working behind the chair. Gain the knowledge to help your client better understand why you are making the decisions that you are, and set your creative-self free; to explore new technologies and fun techniques with confidence!

All of our Hairdressers Tutor programs are presented with a universal language that applies to all of us, no matter the line you use or who you use it on, all of the information is applicable to what’s on your shelf right now. We do not represent any manufacturer, nor sell products. We teach, share and inspire only!

Bring your paper color chart, most brands have one to download on their website!