Back to the Roots

“Back to Our Roots” A Two Part Color Series

Learn the Art and Science of Hair Color & the Chemistry of Hair Bleaches

Increase your Skill Set, Confidence and Income

Increase  Client loyalty, Respect and Referrals

Ignite your Passion for Creativity in Hair Color and More

When it comes to hair color, it’s chemistry and it’s applied theory, most of us leave beauty school with more questions than answers. “Back to Your Roots” is a two part hair color program for licensed hairdressers searching for classes that are based on principles and are universally applied to all color lines. The information presented is designed and taught for you to begin applying the knowledge to what you currently use. That’s the beauty of solid, non manufacturer, universal education; it’s applicable to us all no matter our level of experience or education, and regardless of where we work, or who sits in our chair. For a better, in depth learning experience our class size is kept at ten students! Register today to get your seat!

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Class Location for both days: TBD

52 St. Patrick’s Drive Waldorf, MD 20603

Please direct all questions to your Tutor! (301) 643-7210

The Course Outline

Part One/ Day One

10 Volume- One Level You Should Know

The Color Wheel, Is it Fact or Fiction?

You’re the Artist and Hair is your Canvas

20 Volume- Two Levels, Shaken or Stirred

Liquid in a Bottle or Cream in a Tube?

Developers– Are you chasing Lift or Time?

Grey Hair— Coverage vs Hot Roots

30 Minute Lunch (on your own)

30 Volume- Three Levels of Lift to Have on Hand

Bleach: Lift or Shatter, Does it Matter?

Permanent hair color, NOT!

Direct Dye’s: Today’s Trend on Borrowed Time

Demi’s, Semi’s and Temps, Oh My!

Part Two/Day Two

40 Volume —Four Levels of Lift Off—4 x 4 & Finale

In Theory: Starting Level, In Reality: How Many?

Evaluating Your Canvas

In Theory: Desired Levels, but In Reality?

Balancing Color to Correct or Enhance

30 Minute Lunch (on your own)

Color Scenarios Workshop

Certificates of Completion awarded