New Educator Position

It is with great pleasure that I announce my accepting a position with the Mirabella Beauty Cosmetics Line! After using the mineral make up for the first time, I fell in love with the way it felt, the way it looked and how beautiful the entire brand was!

I started to share just how great it was with Linda, our local Cosmoprof Manager because I knew she was a huge fan of mineral make up. When she shared with me that Cosmoprof would be carrying this new love of mine, the thought of my becoming an artist/educator for them was something I knew I wanted to consider!

Why not I thought, I am a teacher at heart and I enjoyed that same role for Redken, and here is a brand of products that I would be quite happy representing. That was a huge reason for my success(s) with Redken, personally and professionally! 

One thing I know after sharing and educating others on all the facets of this wonderful industry, we hairdressers have such an amazingly strong and unique advantage over anyone else, and I mean anyone to win clients over with just making them feel better, even if for a brief moment while you whisk a powder brush over their face, and just pay attention to them, and only them for a minute or two. No sales pressure, no questions, just close a few minutes of bliss that ends with a flawless and fresh finish.