The Gap In a Hairdressers Education

Like many people, especially those who have graduated from the standard educational system, when the “back to school” hits, we all tend to think of school in some way. Maybe thoughts of taking some type of class begins to seep in, or we remember our own school days as we see the children at the bus stop.

When the fall of 2014 came around, I began to consider re-establishing my teaching career on a more consistent basis. One of the first things one does when creating a business “plan” is to assess the particular industry as a whole and how it relates to what it is you want to do.

For me, that was to research all the types of classes and educational opportunities that were available, from 5th Avenue Academies to local level classes offered that didn’t involve an internet connection! As hairdressers, we learned our craft in beauty school or the salon by watching, doing, learning, and then doing it all over again!

We are by trade, kinesthetic learners, and although the internet does offer some great classes from manufacturers etc., some of our learning ability is diminished when we are not physically present for the class.

Hairdressers Tutor was born once I began to see this rather large gap, one that wasn’t necessarily there when I was traveling the country for a leading color manufacturer. , and I began to put together a four-part hair colorist development program, after all, teaching hair color brought me great joy. I began holding the development programs in a local hotel meeting rooms, that held up to 15 -2o people, and since I wasn’t really doing hair for this program, I didn’t have to worry about the floor there!

The response was positive to the program because they would able to attend it more easily so close to home, which made it affordable in time and money. They liked getting out of the salon and the small class sizes kept it intimate for better learning environment. 

From there, I began having private sessions within my salon suite, that catered to licensed salon pros who wanted a one on one approach and began offering a two-day program for salons. Private sessions are great because I have learned over my decades long career of teaching and hairdressing that we all have different needs in education and a different way to learn.

The mission at Hairdressers Tutor is bridge that educational gap by being an alternative to obtaining advanced education, and to pick up where beauty school left off by connecting all that information into one cohesive approach in hair, hair color, hair design and beyond.

Navigating An Interself

Navigating Your Interself

Learn how to use the color coded subtle energy system to balance and maintain your Interself. By learning the mechanics of subtle the energy that flows through you and around you, you will be able to create, recreate or maintain a healing balancing for your physical, mental, and spirit/ual selves.

Chromo-therapy utilizes specific color frequencies for specific areas of the human body to help re-balance unhealthy energetic patterns, that can lead to dis-order and dis-array of your POS, your Personal Operating System.
This system works 24/7 and is made up of seven specific sources of power that provide the necessary energy to run our system with little effort.

It is customized and individualized by our personal histories, backgrounds and beliefs. By understanding how they operate, and how they are shaped and formed, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Balancing Your Interself

As a continuation of learning about Your Interself, the focus turns on how to recognize when these centers are out of balance, causing them to be overactive with too much energy flow, and underactive with a reduced flow. It’s easy to make the connection to how you feel physically when you are “low on energy”.

Everything in our lives is based on the balance of this subtle energy and it’s this flow that is at the core of your living your everyday life. With this understanding in place, a variety of options are shared with the learner so that they can find their best way of getting and keeping this Personal Operating System in balance.


Teaching for Starters

As a professional in the beauty industry, I have proudly worn many titles in my career; Stylist, Beautician, Designer, Hairdresser, Master Colorist, Salon Owner, Salon Manager and many other titles that fit my particular on the job, job. According to the state I have lived and worked in all my life, I am a Licensed Cosmetologist; a person who provides cosmetic and chemical services that involve hair, skin, and nails. I did have an actual teachers license however they did away with that special recognition and made us all, “Senior Cosmetologists” instead.

Although I’ve dabbled in all of them for well over twenty years, my focus was first on hair color and then on hair cutting. As far as the skin care and makeup part of the industry is concerned, my learning it all stems from my taking very seriously what I needed to look good, (which requires make up) and to desperately fight the aging process, (which was going to happen), because I knew I would never get a face lift or botox.

I think that my clients would be surprised to know that when it came to a hairdresser having talent to do hair, I was not one of those “born or blessed with it”. And I certainly didn’t have “the knack” when I first got my license. I can be creative now because I have learned all of the “secrets” about hair and systems and principles, all giving me a roadmap to make something up that works with your face shape.

There’s a saying in my field, and in many others, that when someone gets started they have to “fake it till they make it”, and I have the Academy Award in this to show for it. My beauty school upbringing left a lot to be desired, resulting in my being only one of three who actually graduated with the hours needed that actually got their license.

It was a given that my beauty school education was the inspiration to not only learn as much as I could, it was also a driving force to help other hairdressers by becoming a Licensed Teacher in the State of Maryland. The State eventually did away with that special license and made us all “Senior Cosmetologists” instead. But regardless of what they changed, what I had learned was how to teach adults or anyone over the age of sixteen the information needed to pass the State Board Exam.

With this background it was a given that I apply for an Artist/Educator position with a leading hair care and hair color brand. In fact, when I sat for my professional Bio picture, I was seven months pregnant and can vividly remember telling the photographer to keep my tummy out of the shot! Similar to my getting the training to teach in a beauty school, this company trained me on training the trainers, and facilitating from stage to workshop to in salon classes.

All of which has led me to creating Hairdressers Tutor! With an extensive background in the natural ability to share the vast knowledge of working behind the chair, doing hair, I know that anyone taking my classes will leave with more information than they came in with, and enjoy themselves while doing so!


The Gift of Knowledge

Beauty school is no joke, and it’s certainly not all fun and games is it? It takes strength and fortitude to get all of those hours and we all have survived it! But what we are taught in beauty school isn’t enough in the age of the internet. Now is the time to get the rest of your education, it will open the door to the fun and creativity that you were looking for and what got you into school to start with!

No matter how long you’ve been working behind the chair, or who your target market is, you will leave our programs with the the same gift of knowledge that was bestowed upon me twenty something years ago when I went out of town for my first advanced education class.  It was a three day intensive color class that was being given by an industry giant, Roy Peters.FullSizeRender (2) (That’s his autograph lower right)! I had just become an artist for Redken, soon after leaving my teaching position at a beauty school and I thought it would be a great “get away conference”.

Roy’s Color Academy Intensive changed my life, both behind the chair and with Redken. His class was the science behind hair itself and how the chemistry of hair color worked with it, and they were either for you or against you. Not only did I leave that get away feeling empowered, it also ignited a passion of learning for myself and other hairdressers.

Through Redken’s top notch training, which was required of their artists and educators, I soon became a lead trainer for several new color brand launches and was traveling across the country working alongside of the world’s best Artists in color and cutting. What an education it all was! And whenever Roy was within traveling distance, I got to work with Roy or take his class again, enjoying it as much as I did the very first time!

It has always been my nature to teach when someone asks for a quick fix/help I end up wanting to share the guiding principles behind their question and subsequently, my answer than to just give them a quick fix! And now, with the launch of the Hairdressers Tutor, I will get back to passing along the same gift of knowledge that Roy gave me all those years ago. Thank you Mr. Roy Peters and Redken too for the education, I grew personally and professionally because of it!