The Shaping of My Point of View

Following my last post on the Power of the Rainbow, I began to reflect on how I started to make the connection between our Personal Operating System (POS) of subtle energy, and how it is that power system is formed on such an individual basis.  Having explained my introduction into subtle energy previously, I want to explain how my Point of View, my conjectures, my theories and my multiple personalities have been shaped and molded.

“Each color of the rainbow is color coordinated with seven specific sources of energy that lie within us all and are the operators of our physical selves. They are heavily, and I mean heavily influenced by the world around us, and they are individualized and customized by our personal histories, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.”  JoAnn Frances

Now that I am entering my thirty-sixth year as a professional hairdresser, there are many times that I feel I have earned a Master Degree in Sociology without taking any of the prerequisite classes. I say this because what college students learn from books and their own personal experiences, I have learned through the many people who have graced my chair for three and half decades.

These are all men and women who are from different backgrounds, cultures and political views, they represent all age groups, and they have most definitely checked off the list of all “personalities”. The thing is, whether they were helping me, or I was helping them, some of the best lessons on life were passed back and forth between myself and the members of my “Frientele”.

All of them came in as clients and a lot of them left as a member of my clientele, however, a lot left as good friends along the way. It’s the members of my Frientele that I look forward to meeting for lunch when I formally retire. That is what one does when retiring right?

These lessons have helped me just as much personally as they have professionally, and in most of the cases of their helping me, they had no idea they were. Most of the time it was because it was a personal enlightenment that I did not want to say, keeping it personal, and the rest of the time I kept my mouth shut because I am supposed to make the appointment all about them and not about me. And I loved that aspect of the job!

It was through their personal points of view, while living through those life experiences that I had an omniscient perch to soak it all in. There are a certain set of behaviors and patterns that everybody ultimately follows when it comes to whatever their position is in any of those given events. For our life to be interesting, we add to those passages, everything surrounding life: money, sex, children, politics, love, death and so on.

This massive database consists of people’s personality traits, their habits, their thought processes and their attitudes whether good, bad or indifferent. All that surrounds the typical life passages brought on by the natural laws and universal truths that we all are meant to follow, because we are a part of the animal kingdom.

Although a lot of people don’t view themselves as a member of the animal kingdom, the truth is, we don’t have to look very far to see the importance of these natural laws in other species throughout nature. That’s why it is a natural law in the first place, despite our varied shapes, forms, sizes and colors that makes up our amazing melting pot of people, we all have the same physical body.

I have had a ringside seat to all these events in one person’s life, as told through their sharing with me at each of their hair appointments. I have been witness to everyone’s point of view surrounding any one of those events, because I’ve had every “position” if you will, in my chair sharing their personal point of view.

That’s the birds eye view I speak of and where I am speaking from in my writing. I recall telling someone once that I in retrospect, I almost prefer to not meet all the players in a person’s story because it muddles my thinking process and may prevent me from being of service to them. After thinking for a moment, she responded, “that maybe because you are a people whisperer, and it’s better that you don’t know everyone else”. It is true that when people are emotionally invested in a difficult situation, it is easy to find oneself over processing things. When you get that tied up into it, it just takes someone from the outside of the situation to simply state the obvious in a kind and gentle way. Being emotionally tied up can prevent the commonsense from coming forward.

It is humbling to look back and see this lengthy and rewarding career. It feels as if I was only standing behind the chair, simply doing what I was trained to do, and all that while we were helping each other in a variety of ways.

Sometimes after the appointment I knew that I was of help to them because they would say things such as, “thanks for listening” …” it’s like you are my therapist” …” thanks for letting me vent a little”. There were also times that I knew that what I had said had hit home in some way simply by their facial expression and body language. My experience told me not to mention it because they were not ready to acknowledge it.

Often there were times when I wanted to say thank you because they helped me in some way, however since it pertained to me personally, I kept my mouth shut. That is an easy rule for me to follow because I’ve never been one to talk about myself. In the classic fashion of, “what came first”, I have always questioned whether I held this trait innately or whether it is one that I have been trained on to provide the best experience for my client by making it is all about the client and not about myself.

That is how my data bank of information has been formed, I’ve been educated through the personal lives of the many people who have shared their stories with me. If you think people use to tell their bartenders everything, well let me be the first to say, they have nothing on us hairdressers!

In fact, I am reminded of just how much we hairdressers have in common with the psychologists, licensed therapists and counselors of the world, but with one major point of difference.

Part Three of this series, “The Shaping of a POV” will focus on the differences between our two professions, beginning with my introduction into the psychology that we influence, consciously or not.




Using the POWER of the Rainbow

How to Use the Subtle Energy of Rainbows to Restore and Re-balance

Using subtle energy to re-balance and restore is nothing new to our profession as hairdressers, as colorists, we use that same simple science to predict our results. In fact, it is the first principle that we learn in hair color theory; understanding the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is the science geeky stuff that scares most people off.

The truth is, we’ve been using color psychology for a very long time as hairdressers, and now it’s time to get a better understanding of it all. It’s time to develop our sixth sense using individual colors, chroma-therapy. The use of color frequencies to help balance and restore.

That same visible portion, the rainbow, can help restore and re-balance your energetic patterns when your personal power grid is attacked with powerful, negative hits. By understanding our physical selves and how our energy systems are conditioned, we can flip the power switch to positive energy by using one of the seven colors. With colored lights or even shiny colored objects such as fabrics or foil, they reflect the energy necessary to restore balance, much in the same way we get rid of unwanted color tones, by applying its “complementary color”.

Each color of the rainbow is color coordinated with seven specific sources of energy that lie within us all and are the operators of our physical selves. They are heavily, and I mean heavily influenced by the world around us, and they are individualized and customized by our personal histories, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

Over the course of the summer, I will be posting the specifics that I mention here. I look forward to sharing with my fellow hairdressers all that I have learned and it is my hope and goal that I can be of help to others. As a 35-year veteran, I have had the pleasure of holding each job found within a salon and as well, on my personal climb to the educational Artistic Mainstage. It is through those experiences and with my personal “Frientele” that I share these stories.