Five Minute Flat Iron Control Swatch

I am in several FB groups that discuss hair color and many other aspects of our industry and I want to share these instructions on how to do a control swatch by using a flat iron because I recommend it a lot! Since those groups are private and to protect our trade secrets, the full details can be found in any of our classes or in those groups!

What does a control swatch do? It tells you a story, one you really don’t know about and depending on the new color client, one they don’t really know well enough to relay the right info.

The short story is this: you apply a formula on a small section of hair and wrap it in a foil, flat and neatly, then tap it with a 350 iron 1-3 times depending on the texture of hair. Wait five minutes, wipe off the color product, using water from a spray bottle to help and see your results!

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Back to the Roots Color Program

A Two Day Color Development Program
-Learn the Art and Science of Hair Color & the Chemistry of Hair Bleaches
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When it comes to hair color, it’s chemistry and it’s applied theory, most of us leave beauty school with more questions than answers on how to achieve predictable and beautiful hair color results. “Back to Your Roots” is a two part hair color program for licensed cosmetologists searching for classes that are based on universal principles that all color lines adhere too. Our classes are designed for you to begin applying the knowledge to the color line you currently use. That’s the beauty of solid, non manufacturer based education, it’s applicable to us all no matter our level of experience or education, and regardless of where we work, or who sits in our chair. Class size is limited for a better, in depth experience! Purchase your ticket today by clicking here!

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Where Beauty School Left Off

The first formal teaching job I had was in a beauty school that has long since closed, and I lasted only nine months of teaching part time. At that point I felt boxed in and it kept me from working behind the chair. So, when I had to decide, I thought, why not go with the one that had people tell me they loved the magic I created and thanked me for a job well done, instead of a job that had a crummy commute and kept me teaching by the book for state board purposes.

From that point, it only took a few months for me to realize that I could teach others through the artist program at Redken. Back then, they were “Redken, Beauty Through Science” and up until a several years ago, they were the only company I used, which was a natural fit really.

I loved then and still love now the science and techy part and it’s so much easier than any of us were led to believe. Heck, when I started the hair color chapter at the beauty school, I literally started off by saying, “pay attention because it’s hard to learn!” Yikes JoAnn!

When it comes to hair color, it’s chemistry and it’s applied theory, most of us leave beauty school with more questions than answers on how to achieve predictable and beautiful hair color results. I’m here to tell you it’s not rocket science! It’s just getting all the information and making the connections!

“Back to Your Roots” is a two-part hair color program for licensed cosmetologists who have been searching for classes that makes sense of it all! You learned a lot in beauty school! Now, through Your Hairdressers Tutor, you can pull it all together and begin to really ENJOY what it is you do every day!



Using the POWER of the Rainbow

How to Use the Subtle Energy of Rainbows to Restore and Re-balance

Using subtle energy to re-balance and restore is nothing new to our profession as hairdressers, as colorists, we use that same simple science to predict our results. In fact, it is the first principle that we learn in hair color theory; understanding the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is the science geeky stuff that scares most people off.

The truth is, we’ve been using color psychology for a very long time as hairdressers, and now it’s time to get a better understanding of it all. It’s time to develop our sixth sense using individual colors, chroma-therapy. The use of color frequencies to help balance and restore.

That same visible portion, the rainbow, can help restore and re-balance your energetic patterns when your personal power grid is attacked with powerful, negative hits. By understanding our physical selves and how our energy systems are conditioned, we can flip the power switch to positive energy by using one of the seven colors. With colored lights or even shiny colored objects such as fabrics or foil, they reflect the energy necessary to restore balance, much in the same way we get rid of unwanted color tones, by applying its “complementary color”.

Each color of the rainbow is color coordinated with seven specific sources of energy that lie within us all and are the operators of our physical selves. They are heavily, and I mean heavily influenced by the world around us, and they are individualized and customized by our personal histories, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

Over the course of the summer, I will be posting the specifics that I mention here. I look forward to sharing with my fellow hairdressers all that I have learned and it is my hope and goal that I can be of help to others. As a 35-year veteran, I have had the pleasure of holding each job found within a salon and as well, on my personal climb to the educational Artistic Mainstage. It is through those experiences and with my personal “Frientele” that I share these stories.

Products Best For Lift

A recent question on a Pro only FB page had the science geek in me come up with the differences of the three products the hairdresser had shown, along with the question:

“What do you think would be the best one for lift?”

The three products shown were:

  • a “clear” coloring product from a permanent color line,
  • a color pigment “reducing” product and
  • an instant “fix product”.

A quick and easy look at the ingredients, and here is the 411 on them. What do you think would be the best one for lift?

  • The clear product is in the permanent hair color category and gives you all lift without any deposit of color. Do you recall how permanent hair color products offer you both lift and deposit? And as you go up the levels of hair color, from one to a ten (and twelve), the amount of dye in the tube or bottle of color significantly drops for less deposit. This clear tube in the color line offers you lift without any dye pigment. We’ve been using clear in demi permanent color lines for thirty + years! Cautionary Tip, since it contains the same properties of a permanent color line, there are no guarantees that it will lift/remove pre-existing color deposits. You may have seen it happen, but you shouldn’t risk it because it is not predictable therefore not the best choice in doing any type of “corrective color work”. (hair bleaches are the better choice because of their predictable results).
  • The Color Pigment Reducing product should be considered as a conditioning product with a little reduction in color because the ingredient for pigment reducers, Sodium Gluconate is at the end of the ingredients list for this one! What you should understand with these color reducing products is that there is a risk of the color reappearing the next time you put any type of oxidative dye and developer back on the hair. These color reducing products work by shrinking or reducing the synthetic dye molecules found in/on the hair, and in conjunction with chelating agents, making them easier to shampoo out. In removing color, as said above, using a bleaching product is the best option.
  • The instant fix product is a conditioning treatment, that has a mild cleanser and chelating agent that can make the hair feel better instantly because it’s acidic ph helps to slam the cuticle shut. Glucose, a.k.a. sugar is a carbohydrate, and it can help overly processed hair feel more substantive like they do in products designed for fine or thinning hair.


Finding Answers on MSDS Sheets

Previously posted 08/12/16

A stylist posted a question on social media about whether or not a particular color line was “gluten free” because her client asked her and at that time, she was waiting on word as to whether or not it was. Being one of a curious nature, I immediately did an online search for the color lines MSDS.

Most of the time these MSDS sheets are not an everyday part of a hairdressers life, let alone a salons. Depending on the marketing material, it’s just not a part of it any longer. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the ingredients and the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) and how to work safely with the chemical product.

These are required by law and the majority of them are located online and easy to find. If it’s a new product launch then it may not reach the internet search engines right away, however simply email the company and they will get them to you. (It also tells you where the product is manufactured. Now in this case I was surprised to see the product was made in Mexico. The address on the company banner is California and I never really gave it much thought until seeing it on this MSDS. So I will research that thought for another post.)

As it turned out, I suggested to the the group member that we get a hold of those sheets and find the answers and another member of the group was able to get them up immediately for us! And let me note that the company involved also responded with them within a few minutes of my sending an email asking for them!

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