Hair & Make Up Services

JoAnn Frances offers her services for clients and guests at Today’s Look, located in White Plains, MD. JoAnn’s focus is for women interested in Hair Color and Hair Design, European Facials, Anti Aging Skin Treatments, and lessons in Make Up Artistry and Make Up applications.

As an Artist and Educator for the Malibu C Wellness Brand and the Mirabella Beauty brand, JoAnn delivers her programs and class formats as a Master Hair Colorist, Certified by Redken Fifth Avenue and as a Principle Based Hair Designer with forty years of experience behind the chair. As the founder of Hairdressers Tutor JoAnn shares the gift of knowledge to licensed professionals who love to learn the latest trends, tips and techniques in hair color, hair design, make up and more!

JoAnn would love the opportunity to schedule a complimentary consultation with you for Mineral Make Up, Skin Care and Hair Services!  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please send a text (301)539-9564 or email with your contact information, what services you are looking for and the days and times that work best for you!

JoAnn is an industry veteran of forty years and her passion and belief that education is the best tool to stay sharp and to take care of the members of her Frientele!

Through her work as an Artist and Educator for a leading hair color company, she received a vast amount of training on consultations and designing a hair cut and a hair color while meeting the needs of today’s clients. JoAnn traveled North America sharing the universal laws of hair and hair color with fellow stylists on behalf of Redken and was honored as a “Hair Colorist of the Year” and “Team Educator of the Year”.

JoAnn founded “The Hairdressers Tutor” several years ago when she decided to get back into teaching licensed hairdressers after noticing a large gap between the education one received in beauty school and what the extra education that is needed when working on the floor in a salon.

She loves teaching fellow hairdressers the Universal Laws and Guiding Principles of all Hair Disciplines. Offering personal and private sessions with licensed hairdressers has opened a new door to how one can sharpen their skills and learn the things that can make or break the world of hairdressing, no matter who they are, where they work or the clients they market to.

Text 301-539-9564